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Create your own summer night hot spot, right outside your back door! 🔥 Things to consider for a beautiful garden Basic principles of garden design Get the Japanese feeling in your garden with these basic steps. First of all, take the best of nature. That is, keep things in your garden as truthful as possible, as well as avoiding e … #Create


10 ideas for your own cottage garden!

Vitavia greenhouse Cassandra 11500 (4.48 x 2.57 x 2.49 m, color: aluminum, base wall, color Stei

balcony ideas make your own garden design terrace design practical ideas upcycling ideas herb spiral

A terrace with a view of the green. The lawn is delimited by a small bed, here you can also find round shapes and shrubs, which can also be found in other places in the garden. A mowing edge that looks good and a terrace slab that has a feel-good character. # gutter concrete #design

The old zinc tub (left) has been converted into a mini pond and even the hardworking Lieschen (right) clearly feels at home in the old enamel milk pot

Vitavia Merkur 8300 Plus greenhouse (3.21 x 2.57 x 2.3 m, color: aluminum, polycarbonate, 6 mm) Vit

How to give your garden a rustic touch – simple summer DIY design #simple #garden #your #rural #rustic

Kartell stacking chair Venice gray, designer Philippe Starck, 75x51x51 cm KartellKartell


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